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Pulse is a people-centered platform designed to seamlessly integrate one-time surveys and continual reflection so you know who in your organization is struggling, where to allocate your resources, and where to allocate your time.  

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Powerful features to help you strengthen the people in your company

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Custom Reflections to Guide Your Mentorship

Build custom reflections to help you see the developmental journey of the people you work with. The Pulse platform is built to give you real-time analytics into the story being told over time. As a customizable reflection tool, you can tailor the questions to what is most important to you and your work.

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Real Time Insights

Have real-time analytics in your hand to help guide your next steps. Our dashboards are an insight tool that gives you focused insights from across your work. Build custom reports to help you see more clearly where to make adjustments.

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People Development

Pulse is designed to help your organization build a culture of formation at the grass-roots level. Every person has a unique developmental journey requiring nuanced support for their next steps. Your organization can now customize how it reflects on this journey to match your philosophy and priorities.

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Engagement & Retention

Pulse allows you to engage people more accurately with its custom reflection tools. By tailoring the questions of your reflections, you can now invite more inviting engagements with the people on your staff and the constituents you serve. Compare your reflections with one another for more meaningful engagement and retention of relationships that are meaningful to you.

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People Management

Organizations have several stakeholders they are required to support. Each group of stakeholders has different requirements for what they need to know, why they need to know it, and when they need to know it. Pulse prioritizes the grass-roots relationship and believes everyone benefits when people doing the day-to-day work are served with meaningful insights supporting their efforts. 

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Learning Management

Learning management systems are designed to dispense content one way. With Pulse, we put reflection practices at the center of learning management. Based on responses in customized reflections, you can identify targeted resources that would best serve the individual instead of keeping them on a static learning pathway.

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Personal Reflections

Keep track of what matters most

From quick meeting notes to annual reviews, Pulse weaves together the complete picture of your efforts helping you accurately prepare your next steps.

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Real time feedback

Capture reflections on the go, recall your action plans in the dashboard.

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Just in time resources

Get the content you need for the situations you are facing.

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Make Adjustments

Adapt your plans based on the unfolding story

Make the appropriate adjustments to your actions based on what the situation presents.

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