We are so excited that you have just purchased Pulse for your organization. It is time to get everyone logged in and using the tool. Our three-step guide will help you get started.

step 1 Logging In

Introduction to leader

You will want to log in people in sequence to help make this a smooth process. We will break down this section in two parts so that you can show everyone in your organization the appropriate instructional video.

Logging in Admins

We recommend you start your onboarding process by logging in your administrators and survey creators. Once these individuals are logged in, they will be responsible for setting up your organizational environment. Our team is ready to help them get started if they need any help.

step 2 Creating Reflections

step 3 Adding Mentors

You want to wait to add mentors into the system until you have added the core reflections into your system. This way, when they log in, they will have all the tools set up and be ready to implement the processes.

Seeing Trendlines, Making Adjustments

As people join your organizational set up, they will begin adding reflections that will roll up to show you key trendlines and insights. When you begin to see this, it will naturally cause a few things to happen. You will begin to ask yourself “are we reflecting on the right things” and “what do we need to adjust in our work to support what we are seeing in these reflections?”

  • For the first question, you will be able to do two things - (1) you can edit the questions on your reflections if you feel they are not very helpful or (2) you can create new reflections and archive old ones (so that mentors do not keep adding information on the
  • The point of “seeing” the trendlines is to help you make appropriate shifts in your work. Ultimately, this is why we built Pulse, to help us adjust our strategy and tactics in an appropriate and timely manner.

step 1 Logging In & Adding Mentees / Groups

step 2 Adding Reflections + Thoughts

step 3 Seeing Trendlines on Dashboards