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Measuring Flourishing

While most of us agree that employee flourishing and wellbeing are important, organizations often struggle with putting these things into practice. Whether you’re struggling to get your team to complete an employee evaluation form or engagement survey, or you have the feedback but don’t know what to do with it, we want to help you define what it means in your context, measure it accurately, and create a culture where your team can feel fulfilled in and out of the workplace.

Keys to Flourishing

How can we expect our teams to stay motivated if they aren’t seeing results? Physical health, mental health, and connection to community are three major aspects of flourishing. In addition to standard performance evaluation questions, consider asking your team how they felt connected to the broader work over the course of the week or month. Do they understand how their work is moving the whole organization forward towards its impact goals? Ask your team if they have the resources they need to flourish physically as well as mentally, with the current demands they face on the job day to day. How can you create a culture that empowers them to flourish in all aspects of life, without compromising their performance?

For this to be effective, you must work to help your staff understand that performance reviews are an opportunity for them to refine their daily activities so that they can have a greater impact in their role and in the world.These meetings may serve as a realignment to avoid misunderstandings and a means of pausing, taking a step back, and recalibrating professional development plans. Individuals who get the value and intent of performance evaluations will be on board, approach them positively, and consider them opportunities for professional development. Ultimately, these meetings will become a platform that enables your team to create a professional development plan they are passionate about. When your team flourishes at work, that can overflow into other areas of their life. 

How Pulse Enables Flourishing

Pulse is a performance management, or rather, a people development software created to assist organizations across every sector in translating their ideas and thoughts into worthwhile and useful outcomes. You’ll have the flexibility to create your own surveys, allowing you to make the most out of performance appraisals by gathering the information that is most relevant to you and your team right now. 

As you meet  with your team, Pulse does the hard work for you. From your brief meeting notes to organizational assessments, Pulse ties everything together in one place giving you a holistic view and enabling you to plan your next moves effectively. This equips you to alter your course of action purposefully when the situation changes.

You can enable your team to reflect, evaluate, and define their goals by combining a manager's performance review and self-evaluation into one. By doing so, you will encourage your employees to reflect critically on their performance, role, and job with the end result of motivating employees to be more effective. By revolutionizing your people management strategies, you can lead your team, and organization, to flourish.

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