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The story behind how our company started

Pulse was born to solve problems our team was facing every day in our community development work. We were asked to send reports to headquarters, but the questions we were being asked did not help to guide our daily activities. We needed a way to capture stories as they were happening in a way that would help us identify changes we needed to make in how we were serving.

We faced additional challenges when it came to training. We were often invited to trainings that were helpful in the moment, but difficult to recollect when we went back to the daily grind. We needed specific parts of our training delivered to our hands in moments as they were unfolding.

Putting real time reporting together with just in time resource delivery is the solution we are pursuing. Welcome to Pulse. We are a team of field workers who also know how to code and design beautiful products. Let's help the world transform one life at a time.

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The values that drive our company

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We cannot achieve greater impact without testing new ideas for our communities.

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We want to see lives changed. Every activity we engage in must lead to impact.

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We need the input of multiple partners. Our blindspots keep us from seeing the full picture.

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We believe that the success of others is our greatest success. Serving others is our agenda.

Explore how Pulse can help build resilience in your work.