Building Custom Reflections

Reflections are the foundation of Pulse.

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In organizational growth and personal development, understanding and shaping the future of those you serve is crucial. With Pulse, creating custom reflections is not just about gathering data; it's about charting a course for impactful change. In this guide, we'll explore how to use Pulse to clarify the preferred future you desire for the people in your organization, identify core development areas to help them achieve those goals, and clarify the different stages of development your organization needs to have to guide the formation of impact. This approach ensures that your impact and custom reporting align with meaningful metrics that resonate with your goals.

Part 1: Clarifying the Preferred Future of Those You Serve

Understanding the Vision

The first step in creating effective custom reflections with Pulse is to clarify the preferred future you desire for your target group. Whether you're a business focused on employee development, a nonprofit measuring impact, or a ministry guiding spiritual growth, understanding the end goal is key.

Steps to Clarify the Vision:

  • Engage in Open Dialogue: Start with open-ended discussions to understand the aspirations and goals of those you serve.
  • Identify Long-Term Objectives: What does success look like in the long run? Understanding this helps in aligning your reflections with these objectives.
  • Utilize Pulse Reflections: build custom reflections to gather insights about the development of your constituents. “Reflections” are “surveys” because we believe healthy reflective practices in organizations help shape deeper impact.

Incorporating Vision into Reflections:

  • Custom Questions: Develop questions directly relating to your constituents’ long-term betterment.
  • Feedback Analysis: Use Pulse’s impact reporting tools to analyze the feedback and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Part 2: Identifying Core Development Areas

Focus on What Matters

The next step in forming meaningful reflections is to determine the core areas of development that lead to the long-term impact you seek. This is where custom reporting becomes a powerful tool.

Key Strategies:

  • Assess Current Reality: Use Pulse to conduct initial assessments that provide a baseline of current development levels.
  • Identify Gaps: Look for common themes in the data that indicate areas needing improvement.
  • Set Developmental Goals: Based on the data, set specific, measurable goals for development. Keep this inside the “thoughts” section of Pulse.

Using Pulse for Targeted Development:

  • Tailored Surveys: Create surveys that focus on identified development areas.
  • Track Progress Over Time: Utilize Pulse’s dashboard to monitor developmental trendlines and adjust strategies as needed.

Part 3: Characterizing Different Stages of Development

Mapping the Journey

The final part of creating custom reflections is to understand and characterize the different stages of development. This will help you quantify the formation of impact. (Example: In helping a student improve their reading level, you can rank an activity they perform as “needs improvement,” “improving,” and “excelling.” When you review your dashboard, you can see students grouped into these categories, allowing you to resource them more specifically.)

Steps for Characterization:

  • Define Milestones: Establish milestones that indicate progression from one stage to the next.
  • Customize Reflections for Each Stage: Develop different sets of questions in Pulse for each developmental stage.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Use Pulse to assess individuals or groups' developmental journies.

Leveraging Pulse for Stage-Specific Insights:

  • Dynamic Reporting: Use Pulse's custom reporting feature to generate reports that reflect the specific stages of development. This allows for a nuanced understanding of progress.
  • Adjusting Strategies: Based on these reports' insights, you can better tailor your strategies to support individuals or groups at different stages.


Creating custom reflections with Pulse is a dynamic process that involves understanding the future aspirations of those you serve, identifying key areas of development, and characterizing the stages of growth. By leveraging Pulse's robust features for impact reporting, custom reporting, and metrics analysis, you can ensure that your efforts are not just about measuring progress but truly facilitating meaningful development. Whether in a corporate, nonprofit, or spiritual setting, Pulse empowers you to pay attention to the lasting impact your organization is making through thoughtful and targeted reflections.

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