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Explore how Pulse can help your organization track movements

Disciple-making movements (DMMs) are expanding globally at an encouraging rate. However, tracking and monitoring these movements present significant challenges. The dynamic and often decentralized nature of DMMs makes it difficult to gather accurate data, identify gaps, and allocate resources effectively. Traditional tools and methods fall short of providing the nuanced insights needed for effective disciple-making strategies. This is where Pulse comes in, offering a differentiated solution that addresses these challenges head-on.

The Complexity of Tracking Disciple-Making Movements

Disciple-making movements are inherently complex, involving multiple layers of interaction, various stakeholders, and a multitude of activities. Monitoring these movements requires a deep understanding of the unique contexts and philosophies driving them. Standardized tools often fail to capture the full picture, leading to missed opportunities and inefficient resource allocation.

Traditional tracking methods typically focus on quantitative metrics, such as the number of new disciples or the number of discovery Bible studies happening in a given area. While these metrics are important, they do not provide a comprehensive view of the movement's health and progress. Lead indicators and qualitative factors are equally important but often overlooked.

Explore how Pulse can help your organization track movements

Pulse: Tailored to Your Philosophy of Movement

There has been an increased trend in software development to address the challenges of tracking DMMs. Typically backed by one primary organization, these solutions' architecture usually reflects the developing group's language and ministry philosophy. This may not be a significant deal breaker for some organizations, but it does present future limitations for growth and expansion into new regions.

See examples at GAPP, Bless App

Pulse stands out in the market by offering a customizable approach to tracking disciple-making movements. Recognizing that each organization has its unique philosophy and strategy, Pulse allows users to tailor the language and metrics to align with their specific context. This flexibility ensures that the data collected is relevant and meaningful, more accurately reflecting the movement's progress.

Example: in specific contexts, one type of lead activities have proven to be highly effective in engaging non-Christians in spiritual conversations, starting discovery Bible studies, and planting churches. Those same activities are unhelpful (or out of place) in other contexts. Pulse allows your organization to create team/context-specific tracking to ensure accurate monitoring is supporting your ministry teams.

Structuring Accounts

Basic Monitoring Process

We have heard from different organizations that they are more concerned with basic reporting features, which they have built on solutions like Google Forms. The two primary challenges they continue to face are (1) report creation and distribution and (2) continuation reporting from leaders.

Why is all of that so important?

What was just described above takes a team weeks to put together. Now, it can be done in seconds. Further, the organization responsible for fundraising has live data to draw from, showing exactly where God is moving through the work and inviting people to partner financially with the acceleration of the Gospel.

Collaborative Monitoring Process

Pulse can be fully customized for the structures within movements

For some organizations, the details are incredibly important. The more accurately we understand what is happening, the more dialed in our support efforts can be, ensuring healthier ministry growth and expansion. 

This is where Pulse stands out.

One of our standout features is our collaborative structure, which enables every organization member to contribute to the monitoring process. This decentralized approach leverages all participants' collective wisdom and insights, leading to a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the movement.

Through Pulse's user-friendly interface, each member can input data, share observations, and provide feedback. This collaborative approach ensures that the monitoring process is not limited to a few individuals but involves the entire community. By engaging everyone in the process, Pulse fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, driving more accurate and actionable insights.

Explore how Pulse can help your organization track movements

Multi-Organizational Approach

Most movements result from cross-organizational collaboration, requiring even more flexible reporting structures. Pulse can be specifically engineered based on your networks’ current structure. Share the information with the correct groups, honor the distinctions, and tell God’s story more clearly.

Meaningful Insights for All Teams

Pulse goes beyond traditional tracking tools, providing valuable insights to the ministry, fund development, and content creation teams. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of the organization are aligned and working towards the same goals.

  • Ministry Department: Pulse offers goal setting, detailed reports, and analytics highlighting the movement’s progress, strengths, and areas needing improvement. These insights enable informed decisions and effective resource allocation.
  • Fund Development Team: Pulse provides real-time data to demonstrate impact and progress to donors and stakeholders. This transparency builds trust and fosters stronger relationships with donors.
  • Content Creation Team: Pulse’s rich data provides a deep understanding of the movement’s stories and impact, allowing the creation of engaging and authentic content that highlights the transformative power of disciple-making movements.

Explore how Pulse can help your organization track movements


Tracking and monitoring disciple-making movements is complex and challenging, but Pulse offers a differentiated solution that effectively addresses these challenges. By allowing organizations to tailor the language and metrics to align with their unique context, fostering a collaborative monitoring process, and providing meaningful insights to all teams, Pulse stands out as a powerful tool for enhancing disciple-making strategies.

With Pulse, organizations can better understand their movements, identify gaps and opportunities, and allocate resources more effectively. The result is a more efficient, impactful, and sustainable disciple-making movement that drives growth and nurtures spiritual maturity. Embrace Pulse and transform how you monitor and track your disciple-making efforts, ensuring every step is towards a more vibrant and thriving movement.

Explore how Pulse can help your organization track movements

Explore how Pulse can help build resilience in your work.