The Hassles of Making Reports from Form Builders

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In today's world of big data, companies thirst for accurate and timely information to drive their decisions. However, while the process of creating reports from form builders can be convenient, it can also be a source of immense frustration and time wastage. The arduous and time-consuming nature of this task often leaves many in need of assistance.

Time-Consuming Task of Gathering Data

Consider this: You've collected information using forms circulated within your organization. Now, you're faced with the daunting task of gathering all the responses, even if they originate from different sources and merging them into a single dataset. This process, depending on the data volume and complexity, can easily consume days or even hours of your valuable time. Each response sheet must be meticulously checked for formatting and consistency, often involving extensive cleansing and validation procedures. Dealing with large volumes or diverse structures among forms can make this process slightly more manageable.

Furthermore, as the data accumulates, the task of managing it becomes increasingly daunting. Discrepancies between entries from different forms would necessitate careful revision and cross-referencing, a process that can be both time-consuming and prone to errors. This could lead to incorrect deductions and decisions based on flawed assumptions. This initial phase alone could consume a significant amount of your time and energy, potentially leaving other equally important tasks unattended.

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Explore how Pulse can help you automate your report creation

Building Pivot Tables: A Tedious Task

Once all the data is compiled, the next hurdle is building pivot tables. While pivot tables are excellent tools for summarizing and analyzing data, they can be a challenge to create. Each pivot table must be set up manually, with rows, columns, values, and filters defined. This process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, as a small mistake could lead to misleading insights that could negatively impact crucial decisions.

Besides, creating pivot tables is often an iterative activity. As new information is received or there are changes in reporting requirements, adjustments to pivot tables are necessary each time, resulting in additional work. Additionally, if different parts of the organization need several pivot tables, ensuring consistency among them all adds complexity to the task.

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Scaling Across Segments: An Uphill Battle

As a business expands, reporting becomes more intricate, making it challenging to scale reports across different operational segments. Each department or team may have unique requirements, necessitating multiple iterations – compiling data, creating pivots, and ensuring accuracy – consuming significant time and resources.

The requirement of uniformity and precision compounds the difficulty of scaling. Ensuring that every part of the company works with identical data and metrics is essential, demanding close attention to detail and continual supervision. Any disparities may cause confusion and misalignment of strategies, hindering the realization of organizational objectives.

Explore how Pulse can help you automate your report creation

Repeating Process for Trend Analysis

Conducting trend analysis is a continuous process that demands regular reporting. Over time, the cycle of compiling fresh information, building new pivot tables, and scaling up functionality can become repetitive and demoralizing, whether on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

The dilemma of complex business Insights tools

Some organizations opt for sophisticated business insights tools to automate the reporting process and provide advanced analytics. However, such applications, often designed for big corporations, can be feature-rich and bloated, with their fair share of challenges.

Explore how Pulse can help you automate your report creation

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